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Bad Bosses – Consulting

You have a bad boss?  
Signs with readiness are obvious.
o It gives you mountain of new work to make – just as a short deadline – then pompous speech that other part of your problems is not finished.
o It steals your ideas.
o She complains of the employees… Other employee.
o He speaks with you as though your age and IQ were identical.
o It has pets of office, employees who receive all appointments of plum and the weakest.
o It does not provide clear instructions, but gives you a hard time before your employees that not “to receive it.”  
o It gives you a problem, and then speaks to you – in the smallest details – how to make it.
o He is a fireman, rushing into a crisis way to make one fire behind another.
o It brings personal problems in office, and does all so unfortunate, as it.
o He drinks the dinner, then becomes offensive after it comes back in office.
o It encourages you to speak the mind, and more later use your comments against you.
o He tells one thing, then does another.
It is so bad, as your boss, always is some who is worse. As these two examples:
Article which has appeared in, describes the employee of factory of autoparts who has heard that the next restaurant has burnt down completely.
As the wife of the employee worked there, it has rushed off from factory to reach fire.
The boss has demanded, that the employee has been described to leave factory without preliminary approval to run means and to run, without carrying unbreakable glasses.
Then there is a story about the manager who has once begun the sales meeting, starting to stun the weapon behind its employees as they have entered into a room.
It obviously intended to motivate, as there was later technics of a throw of a sugar candy in commercial staff, as though throwing pleasures animal who acted well.
So, what you do, if you appear before one of these or similar offensive situations?
Here some helps:
o First of all, make sure that you do the work correctly and well.
o Write down bad behaviour. Describe that happens with you, time and to date it. Then send a copy of it to you directly in your home address. It can be useful later. It also will help you to understand that this situation about your boss, not about you.
o Speak with your boss. Probably that bad bosses do not understand that they do. Plan in advance that you plan to tell. Write down it at first. Practise it (the trainer can help, you with play on roles in a safe situation where you can make so much “- top-balls” as you should fall down it). Put the information easy.
o represent precisely that does you by nuts about behaviour of the boss. As soon as you identify it, it is easier to recognise it when you see it and can help to hold to you the cool.
o Establish clear borders between work and other part of your life. Do not allow that happens on work wreck your personal relations.
o Be healthy. Eat the right, receive enough dream and active stay. If work for this person kills you, left.
o Ask the help if you require it. The help could arrive from a family, friends, department of human resources of your company, the manager in various department or the lawyer.
o Consider employment of the trainer which can be extremely favourable in support and the help to you in this process.
o To be cautious concerning movement to the boss of your boss who should prevent this type of behaviour to begin with and consequently has interested allocated with creation of your observer “right”.
o to be prepared to retire, if any of the previous does not help. It means to support at high level contacts in your area, updating your resume and being knowing about new vacancies.
Work for the bad boss can be painfully painful – physically and emotionally – and the big damage of your self-respect can cause.
You deserve better.

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